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You may be saying are you serious? Yes I do know a way to get financing after foreclosure and short sale immediately after going through the process. If this is something you want to do I advise getting with an experienced agent that knows how to structure seller financed deals.
Depending on what kind of money you can come up with and how flexible you are on terms there are sellers out there willing to offer owner or seller financing. You still are going to have to qualify in their eyes; but if there is enough money down and or a good reason you foreclosed that has been cured you may be in luck. A good example of this may be something like you got sick for 6 months or you lost your job and now have a stable job.
In order for this to work you may want to look at this through their eyes and yours. Are you worthy of a loan? I have seen many people that simply bought to expensive of a home that could still easily afford a nice house. While I am on this topic, If you are currently in a position of not knowing what to do and behind on payments feel free to contact me directly and I will be glad to help. There are options that are better than others and although you may be able to pull off seller financing there are many reasons to have good credit beyond buying a home. If you know someone dealing with this problem please forward them this article as many people I have seen just let their houses go to the bank and mess up their credit for over 7 years. I am also open to helping other people figure this out in areas out of my market which is the Tarrant county area.
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