You may be saying are you serious? Yes I do know a way to get financing after foreclosure and short sale immediately after going through the process. If this is something you want to do I advise getting with an experienced agent that knows how to structure seller financed deals.
Depending on what kind of money you can come up with and how flexible you are on terms there are sellers out there willing to offer owner or seller financing. You still are going to have to qualify in their eyes; but if there is enough money down and or a good reason you foreclosed that has been cured you may be in luck. A good example of this may be something like you got sick for 6 months or you lost your job and now have a stable job.
In order for this to work you may want to look at this through their eyes and yours. Are you worthy of a loan? I have seen many people that simply bought to expensive of a home that could still easily afford a nice house. While I am on this topic, If you are currently in a position of not knowing what to do and behind on payments feel free to contact me directly and I will be glad to help. There are options that are better than others and although you may be able to pull off seller financing there are many reasons to have good credit beyond buying a home. If you know someone dealing with this problem please forward them this article as many people I have seen just let their houses go to the bank and mess up their credit for over 7 years. I am also open to helping other people figure this out in areas out of my market which is the Tarrant county area.
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If your an investor in rentals this is some great news!
“Rental prices across the US increased 11.6% in 2010, growing from a national average of $1181 in January 2010 to $1319 by December. The steady increase in rental prices was inversely matched by falling prices of homes for sale, which saw a 9.8% drop over the same period.” source hotpads.com If you have thought about gaining some residual income from rentals give me a call I have located some great properties
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When searching the MLS anywhere or if you go to search the mls in Arlington I have a few pointers for you. First off I am a little biased being a licensed agent but there is no better way to search than to find a qualified agent that specializes in the areas you are looking.
Beyond that you may want to check out some different search tools. You can locate the Remax search tool at www.https://arlingtontexashomes.wordpress.com
I would also suggest typing in your home city and the words integrated idx under google and you may find some really cool tools. Some include deal finders, school ratings, among others. If you are in the DFW area I would be glad to help you get set up with some really cool search tools. I can also hook you up out of the area finding the best idx services and locating qualified agents.
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Many agents you talk to steer clear of short sales and with good reason. First off they didn’t teach this to my knowledge in real estate school and not all agents have taken the time to have extensive training on representing a buyer on a short sale much less listing a short sale home successfully. Furthermore there is typically much more time and paperwork involved.
A few tips for buyers and sellers.
Its typically going to get take a short sale at least 90 to 120 days to get fully negotiated. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if your in a hurry to move this may not be for you.
The other thing I may do is have an agent represent you that specializes in listing short sales if you have the time to wait. They will know the nuances of the deal from the other side. Has the seller already sent in the required info for short sale approval? Has a “BPO or brokers price opinion” and or appraisal been ordered? Has the listing agent ever worked a short sale?
If you are in a position where you are upside down on your house and trying to figure out how you are going to sell it or you are pondering making an offer on a short sale property I would be glad to help you. I work the Tarrant county market but would also be happy to help you locate a qualified agent in your area.
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As usual during the Christmas Holiday time the real estate business slows down and it has given me some time to look at some of the new search tools out there. The information that is fed out all comes from the local MLS or Ntreis and then it comes down to how all of it is used. I am looking at one used by www.davisfarrell.com that has some really cool features. It allows you to see deals around the homes you find. It tells how far your commute and how much gas it would cost. Deal Sniffer is a tool on there that really rocks. I am probably going to be adding this search tool or IDX as the techies call it to my website so if your an investor or just looking for a really good deal shoot me an email and I will let you know when deal sniffer is available in the Arlington and North Texas Markets.

It seems there are fewer homes on the market in the areas I typically work. I am going to check this with MLS data. If I am right supply and demand and rising interest rates may create a surge in the market. If you are looking at buying make sure you get prequalified and ready to lock down an interest rate when you locate a property in case they continue to rise. Furthermore check and see if there are any items on there you may be able to quickly remove to improve your credit score. With Arlington,Tx being my home town it would be great to see a surge in Arlington,Tx real estate market.
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Although it was a tough loss yet one that probably will do us better in the long haul due to the Dallas Cowboys having no chance at the playoffs there was a high spot. Mcgee, the backup of the back up quarterback played in his 1st ever regular season game and with a little luck would have driven them to victory. A Beautiful pass to Miles Austin for his 1st touchdown highlighted what could have been also his 1st victory had they made the extra point. Aggies Fans leave your comments on how you though Mcgee performed